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ADB Detach

ADB Detach is a serif display typeface with exaggerated transitions between strokes. We pushed this idea to such an extreme that the whole project turned into a set of expressive stencil typefaces for usage at large sizes. This typeface is available in regular and italic weights, each containing over 3000 glyphs divided across three scripts (Latin, Cyrillic and Greek). Among these glyphs is an extensive set of swashes easily controllable through eight stylistic sets, making ADB Detach a playground for expressive and dynamic headlines.

ADB Detach Overview

ADB Detach Overview
ADB Detach
ADB Detach
ADB Detach
ADB Detach
ADB Detach
ADB Detach
ADB Detach
ADB Detach
ADB Detach

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ADB Detach


Regular & Italic

OpenType Features

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