Correio da Manhã
Agency: Vasco Ferreira — Media Branding & Design

In 2021 we were invited to design the typefaces for the Correio da Manhã newspaper. They were using several typefaces from diverse sources, and the look was a typographic miscellanea. Our idea was to unify the typographic image by designing a complete type system, that would provide improved legibility, due to openess of the characters, but also a fresh new look and feel of the newspaper, by introducing some personality into the lettershapes. To fullfill all the needs for the newspaper redesign, we conceived a Slab Serif font for the running text and a complementary Sans Serif and Symbols for navigation, highlights and tables. Because it's a tabloid, we also designed some extra Compact Sans Serif fonts, with a special focus on diacritic marks, that would allow to set text almost without any leading.

Correio da Manhã - Overview

cm overview v2

Correio Slab

cm slab specimen v2

Correio Sans

cm sans specimen v2

Correio Compact

cm compact specimen v2

In Use

cm 02
cm 03
cm 04
cm 05


Correio Slab

Correio Sans

Correio Compact


Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Book, Medium, Bold, ExtraBold & Heavy with matching italics.


Latin Extended CE

Art Direction

Vasco Ferreira Design


Grupo Cofina S.A.